Grow Hoodie (6 - 9) - Rainbow Racers

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You know that one hoodie that your kid loves so much that they keep wearing it long after the sleeves are too short? It still fits over their head and around their chest, but eventually you have to stop using it because their poor wrists are getting chilly.

The Patchwork Patootie Grow Hoodie is designed for that exact scenario! The fit is roomy and relaxed, and the extra-long sleeve cuffs roll up and down for the perfect fit, no matter where your kiddo falls in the size range. 

Start oversized and layered with cuffs rolled up and watch it evolve into a more fitted hoodie as they grow! Roll or scrunch the excess sleeve cuff length for different looks. 

All seams are serged. All fabric is 95% cotton/ 5% Lycra for comfort and stretch. All products are CPSIA compliant. Please visit The PatchPat Group on Facebook to have access to all the latest listings!  

*Please note that this style of hoodie can be made with multiple variations including Plain, Pocketed, No-Hood, and Color-Blocked front, back, or both. You will receive the product shown in the flat lay photo(s).